Walking tips

The “Glatschalm” is a good starting point for easy but also for more difficult alpine tours. The “Glatschalm” has a direct connection to the “Adolf Munkel” path and to the Dolomite path n° 2.

1. The “Adolf Munkel” path at the bottom of the great “Geisler” mountains is one of the most beautiful paths in the Dolomites. You start at the parking area “Zanser Alm” (1678 m) and you follow the way n° 6 in direction of Tschantschenon until the bridge that crosses the brook “Tschatschenon”. Before the bridge, at the right the “Adolf Munkel” path begins with the n° 35. This path brings you to the alpine inn “Glatschalm” if you turn right. After a nice stay in the “Glatschalm” you can take the alpine street and go back to the “Zanser Alm”.

This trip takes you 1,5 – 2 hours Degree of difficulty: easy-middle

2. From the village of “St. Magdalena”, starting at the hotel “Ranuimüllerhof” you follow the alpine street along the brook in direction of the “Zanser Alm”. At the car
park you pass “Zanser Alm”, you follow the alpine street until you arrive at “Glatschalm”. From there you turn right and you follow the marvellous “Adolf Munkel” path until you reach “Gschnagenhardt” or “Geisleralm”. From there you go to the “Brogles-Alm” and you come back to your starting point.

It is a trip of 5-6 hours.